What makes the

Welgelegen Cherry Estate

Welgelegen is the perfect place for an unforgettable experience! Guests have a wide choice of fantastic outdoor adventures including: *Fly Fishing: Fish in three different dams, fishing is allowed on a catch & release basis. Strickly fly fishing! No spinners & rapalas. *Hiking: You can stroll up the mountain at a leisurely pace, from where you can see for miles up to the Lesotho Maluti mountains. Both sides of the mountain offer spectacular views. *Bird Watching: Enjoy the quietness of nature and do some bird watching. *Fauna and Flora: There are the most wonderful indigenous flora and fauna to explore against the slopes of the hills! *4×4 Tracks: The 4×4 tracks leads you to the top of the Sandstone mountains to enjoy a magnificent view from the top of the mountain *Mountain Biking: If you want to do something more active, you could bring mountain bikes for cycling on the farm or along the farm roads and through the cherry orchards. You could also follow the 4×4 track and cycle to the top of the mountains. *Photography: There are very few places as beautiful as the Eastern Free State. If you are a photographer this is the ideal place, you can point your camera in any direction and capture unforgettable experiences!

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