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Di Plaas Stoep

Braam and Jana Le Roux has taken over Di Plaastoep Restaurant on the 1st of June 2021. Originally from Pretoria, the Le Roux’s having been in the real estate industry since 2005 have decided it’s time to change the hustle and bustle of the big city for the serenity of life in the country. They settled in Fouriesburg in May 2021 and decided to buy the restaurant and also put Fouriesburg tourism on the map. Braam, Jana, and their family featured in season 1 of KYKNET’s “KWARANTYN” televised on DSTV last year. They were the lucky winners of this “Big Brother” – type series and walked away with the grand prize at the end of the series. Braam and Jana will strive to make a success of the hospitality industry, and will be providing visitors to Fouriesburg a true country experience, which together with great food, atmosphere and friendly service should provide a memorable time for travelers and locals alike. Be sure to pop in, have a bite and say “Hi” whenever you are in the area… YOUTUBE video: Skip to 20:18 for Di Plaasstoep.

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