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Old Mill Drift

Our goal is to provide an environment where you can take a deep breath of freedom from your daily concerns. Loose yourself in our breath taking views, become deeply introspective, find your lost self or exhilarate with the adrenalin of outdoor activities. Press pause, techno detox, slow down and reconnect to source. You time. Family time or time for romance. Old Mill Drift is a 665 ha organic guest farm on the Caledon River. Enclosed into the majestic Maluti Mountains by 14 km of Caledon River, an equally magnetic landscape filled with natural springs and pools, waterfalls, three dams and forests in parts. A horse farm with a herd of wild horses in our mountains, a small Warmblood stud, a band of motley ponies to delight the kids and a herd of endangered Spanish donkeys.

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